A BIT OF HISTORY "Ours is a Rich history which spans close to seven decades of giving travel service to all those customers who have worked through our doors it is a legacy that we cherish and draw strength from as we continue of service to this day".

“Far Eastern Travel Agency, Inc., simply known as FETA in the Philippine Travel industry, is the country’s first and oldest travel services provider. The company has been operating, unbroken and uninterrupted since 1946. Founded by Juan and Leony Limjuco, FETA was originally established to service American military and civilian personnel and their families, who were in the Philippines at that time to help the country rebuild in the aftermath of World War II, with their travel needs within the archipelago and between the United States.”

“Into the Philippines’ economic boom years of the 1950s and 1960s, FETA slowly built its name as the go-to travel services provider for government officials for their official travel, businessmen for their business travel and affluent families who wanted to go on a holiday. In the early 1980s, the founders’ daughter, Ma. Luisa Limjuco-Verano, took over the reins of the company as its President. The company boasted of a client list which included many illustrious names and held on to a solid reputation of being the leading travel services provider for many years.”

“Today, FETA is led by its General Manager, Mr. Oliver L. Sison, who is committed to preserving and, simultaneously, enhancing the legacy passed on. In the spirit of its founders, the company is driven to become an important force in today’s Philippine travel industry and in the business spaces the company has a presence and competes in.”


At the heart of FETA are our Core Beliefs. These are the bedrock of everything we do at the company and the guiding light of all our actions. From the assembling and selling of our products to the way we deal with our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. We accept it as truth that our Core Beliefs is what will make FETA thrive in the capricious and constantly-changing Philippine Travel industry.”

A True Passion

Travel, although glamorous on the outside with its share of perks, is a tough and mean business on the inside that can eat you alive. As many who ventured into this business quickly discover, it is not an endeavor for the faint of heart nor the weak of will. To be able to rise above the fray and succeed, one has to have a TRUE PASSION for Travel as a business. Not lip service or because it looks nice in a company profile, but the passion we have for our business is in our hearts.

The numbers are important to us; just like any other business on the planet. But we take the numbers in equal measure to the fulfillment and pride we get when we are able to successfully conclude a large incentive trip for one of our client companies, when we are able to issue a last-minute air ticket and give relief to an ordinary salary worker who has to make an emergency trip home, when we learn that a new hotel has opened or a new route is launched by one of our partner airlines, when we see from the Facebook posts of families that happy moments were made during their vacation which we arranged.

Travel isn’t just our work. It is the blood in our veins and the air that we breathe with gusto.

Business With Honor

We run our business with efficiency and profitability in mind but we are also deeply conscious to run our business with honor.

Doing business with honor means putting out Travel products and services of quality. Products and services that we can stake our name on. Products and services that don’t have any strings attached, surprises or silent caveats that can make a customer’s experience turn sour in the blink of an eye. We may not have the cheapest product or service at the time of purchase but these will still be competitive in price and, most importantly, assured in value and quality.

Doing business with honor means making sure that our relationship with our partners and suppliers is one that is based on fairness . If we’re certain that what we’re getting is really worth the price agreed on, then we will pay that exact price at the exact time agreed upon. We won’t short-change or delay payment unnecessarily. When risks need to be taken together with a partner, then we will share in those risks if we need to. We don’t believe in reaping all the benefits and letting our partners carry all the burden. It is not in us to put one over people who help us with our business.

Doing business with honor means we give what is due to the country. We don’t cheat on taxes and collections. When we deal with partners and customers outside the country, we see generating sales equal in purpose to representing and promoting our country with pride. We believe sincerely, maybe even naively, that doing those is our small way of contributing to building our nation.

Pushing the Envelope

To thrive in this cut-throat and fast-paced business, we know we need to tread bravely and to run fast. We are keenly aware that todays’ hottest trend can turn into yesterday’s news quite fast. That’s why we don’t settle for the ordinary and the usual way of doing things when it comes to developing products and services and seizing opportunities that come our way.

We are always on the look-out for new technology and techniques that we can use to enhance our processes; to find better ways to deliver Travel products and services to our customers. It’s not beyond us to even look at how things are done in other industries to see what can work for us. Technology and techniques continuously change Travel as a business and we openly embrace this.


Our Vision is a vibrant and dynamic Philippine Travel industry making a significant contribution to the country. We hope to see Travel to the Philippines by foreign nationals and Travel within and outside of the country by Filipinos becoming ever more heightened: for livelihood and business, for leisure and recreation and for learning.

Our Mission is to be an important force in realizing the vibrant and dynamic Travel industry that we envision. We will do this by being a significant, perhaps even the premiere, Travel company in the business spaces where we are present. In turn, we aim to be that significant player by offering compelling products and services to the various customers that we serve. In doing so, we know that we will thrive in this business that we are passionate about.

The Corporate & Group Travel Business Space
FETA has long had a presence in the Corporate & Group Travel business space. To this day, we continue to service the regular travel needs as well as group travel requirements of private companies, government agencies, civic organizations and learning institutions. Know more.

The Travel Retailers Business Space
There are an estimated 3000+ stand-alone specialist travel retailers with storefronts in the Philippines. Aside from these, there are also part-time retailers with no brick and mortar base and multi-product stores which offer Travel services. FETA serves these retailers, the bedrock of the Philippine Travel industry, through Systems ( know more ) and Consultancy services ( know more ).

The Direct-to-Consumer, B2C Business Space
Through the Travel Depot brand, FETA also sells Free Individual Leisure products directly to the Filipino consumer. Philippine Free Individual Leisure travel, within the country and outside, is a fast growing market segment owing to Travel becoming more and more part of the Filipino lifestyle. This makes the B2C business space an exciting place to sell in. Know more.

The In-bound Business Space
“It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” is the battle cry of the country to lure more foreign visitors to our shores. Indeed, FETA believes this and enthusiastically joins the In-bound business space, joining in the drive to bring in more visitors to enjoy the many attractions the Philippines has to offer. Know more.

FETA maintains a service provider relationship with a number of private companies, government agencies, civic organizations and learning institutions to service their regular travel needs. These regular travel requirements include booking flights, hotel accommodations and travel documentation for the trips of their executives, field personnel and their guests. We know how important these trips are to their business and we strive to meet the high expectations and demands of these accounts.

FETA has also serviced Group Travel requirements for several private companies, government agencies, civic organizations and learning institutions. Arranging travel for a large group, anywhere from 25 to 250 persons, is no mean feat. Making all the pre-departure arrangements, coordinating all the logistics and even escorting and on-site management of the group is like staging one big event which we would like to think that we have mastered.


A complete list of all our Corporate FIT accounts and Group Travel requirements fulfilled is available upon request. This complete list, however, is on a need-to-know basis to respect the confidentiality and privacy that some of our accounts have requested.

  • Corporate Free Individual Travel ( FIT ) & Group Travel

La Salle

La Farge


A complete list of all our Corporate FIT accounts and Group Travel requirements fulfilled is available upon request. This complete list, however, is on a need-to-know basis to respect the confidentiality and privacy that some of our accounts have requested.

  • Corporate Free Individual Travel ( FIT ) & Group Travel

Meet some of the Corporate FIT Account that we service and Group Travel which we've staged. A complete list of all our Corporate FIT accounts and Group Travel requirements fullfilledes available upon request. This complete list, however, is aon a need-to-know basis to respect the confidentially and privacy that some of our accounts have requested.


Travel can be a complex, often intimidating, business for a stand-alone retailer. Helping would-be and existing Travel Retailers to navigate the confusing inter-connections, take advantage of the many opportunities, comprehend the myriad rules and learn the intricate techniques of the business is what the FETA Travel Depot Consultancy group is all about.

FETA Travel Depot is the pioneer and leading travel agency resource center and consultancy in the Philippines. We have been helping eager entrepreneurs set up their own retail travel agency by giving extensive and intensive training and pre-operating consulting. Such training includes travel agency operations, sales and marketing and other trade know-how necessary to start a travel retail business. After setting-up, we continue to support these retail travel agencies, which we call our Affiliates, with learning programs, business and operations support and marketing initiatives to ensure that their businesses thrive in the very competitive Philippine Travel industry.

• We advise and encourage entrepreneurs to enter into the Travel business by setting up their own Retail Travel Agency. Extensive and intensive training will be given which will include operations of a retail travel agency, marketing and selling Travel products and trade know-how, techniques and secrets. After training, we are also making ourselves available for pre-operating consulting and hand-holding.

• We will continue to support Affiliates after they have opened and help them grow their business. This will be done by offering relevant learning sessions to update their knowledge and upgrade their skills in operating their Retail Travel Agency. Aside from learning sessions, we will continue to source and offer appropriate tools and solutions which can be used to enhance their business.

• We recognize that a Travel business, and the Travel industry in general, will continue to thrive and grow if there are new ideas and new talent. Thus, we reach out to students in schools and learning institutions with programs related to Travel. We will offer to augment classroom learning with real-situation, hands-on learning in partnership with those schools and learning institutions.

Know more about FETA Travel depot:

Here are some news about what’s happening in our company and interesting features that we’d like to share?

FETA Successfully Stages Pioneer Students Media Tour

FETA Successfully Stages Pioneer Students Media Tour
FETA Successfully Stages Pioneer Students Media Tour
FETA Successfully Stages Pioneer Students Media Tour
FETA successfully staged the first ever Media Tour for Students in Hong Kong last Nov 11-14 in cooperation with the prestigious Asian Congress for Media and Communication ( ACMC ).

“ Tours and field trips, within the Philippines or outside, have become an integral part of learning for our college students. However, up until now, this practice has been limited to students of Tourism, HRM and a handful of disciplines. This is the first time that a tour for students of Mass Communication was conducted and we have proven that it is feasible and worthwhile for the students” says FETA’s head for Corporate FIT & Groups, Ms. Rowie Amodia.

The 4-day tour took students to different media establishments in Hong Kong and provided interaction with media practitioners in the city. The highlight was a visit to the Asia Pacific office of global news channel CNN International. Forty ( 40 ) students from Trinity University and West Visayas University in Iloilo formed the pioneer tour group. FETA’s partner in this pioneering Students’ Media Tour is the Asian Congress for Media and Communication ( ACMC ), a prestigious Asia Pacific-wide organization of Media and Mass Communications educators and practitioners.

GTU Exhibits at NorthPhil Expo 2014

FETA Successfully Stages Pioneer Students Media Tour
FETA Successfully Stages Pioneer Students Media Tour
FETA Successfully Stages Pioneer Students Media Tour
Far Eastern Travel Agency ( FETA )’s Go Travel Unlimited ( GTU ) business unit exhibited at the NorthPhil Expo 2014 held last Nov 14-16 at SM City Clark Pampanga.

The Northern Philippines Expo, or NorthPhil Expo for short, is a travel fair hosted by the Department of Tourism ( DOT ) offices in the North Luzon region to promote both Domestic and International-Outbound tourism to the consumer market in these regions. GTU had a booth at this year’s NorthPhil Expo for the first time where we sold both Domestic and International-Outbound packages and airfare deals. Prior to this participation, GTU also joined the PTAA Travel and Tour Expo in February and the Travel Madness exhibition in July.

FETA’s Exhibits at K Festival

FETA’s Exhibits at K Festival
FETA’s Exhibits at K Festival
FETA exhibited and participated in the Korea Tourism Organization ( KTO ) K-Festival held last Sep 19-21 at the Glorietta mall in Makati.

K-Festival is the annual consumer fair staged by KTO to showcase Korea as a leisure destination and encourage tourism to that country. Only on its second year, K-Festival has already gained a reputation as the premier event to go to when one is looking for travel packages, airfare deals, tours to Korea. Performances from “Sachoom” – a popular dance group in Korea, a taekwondo demonstration, wearing of traditional Korean costumes, playing of native Korean games and other activities spiced up the 3-day event which drew sizeable crowds for each day.

Being one of the affiliated Partner Travel Agencies of KTO, FETA was invited to have a booth at K-Festival where it promoted and offered to visitors of the event its different travel packages to Korea.

FETA Participates in Visit Japan Travel Mart 2014

FETA Participates in Visit Japan Travel Mart 2014
FETA Participates in Visit Japan Travel Mart 2014
FETA Participates in Visit Japan Travel Mart 2014
FETA Participates in Visit Japan Travel Mart 2014
FETA participated in the Visit Japan Travel Mart 2014 held last Sep 24-26 in Tokyo, Japan.

Visit Japan Travel Mart ( 2014 ) is the largest trade show of Japan travel products and services hosted every year by the Japan National Tourism Organization ( JNTO ). This year’s staging of VJTM was held at the sprawling Big Sight convention center in Tokyo. For the first time since gaining affiliation with JNTO, FETA was invited to participate as a Buyer. As a Buyer, FETA was able to meet and establish business relationships with hotels and resorts, tour operators, land transportation providers, theme parks, local tourism boards and other travel services providers of Japan.

FETA’s General Manager, Mr Oliver Sison, was the company’s representative at VJTM 2014. Mr Sison comments on FETA’s participation: “It is indeed a great honor and opportunity for FETA to be invited and actually participate in VJTM. Many travel services providers want to participate but only very few are chosen to do so. Japan is a very attractive and always-in-demand destination to sell but the fact is that it’s a complicated destination with many nuances which make it very difficult to put together products and services which can be marketed and sold. The business relationships we have formed at VJTM and the knowledge we gained will enable FETA to do just that – put together quality Japan travel products and services which we can offer to our customers and to the Philippine market”.

HR Mall and Trinity University of Asia Accredits FETA

HR Mall and Trinity University of Asia Accredits FETA
FETA recently won accreditation as a Travel Services Provider for HR Mall and Trinity University of Asia.

HR Mall is the Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) company of the Ayala Group under the Ayala Corporation focused on providing Human Resource related services – including outsourced payroll – to clients primarily in the Asia Pacific region.

Trinity University of Asia (formerly Trinity College of Quezon City), also known as TUA, is a non-sectarian private university located in Quezon City, Philippines. Originally established in 1963 as an elementary, high school and collegiate educational institution, then-TCQC acquired university status on July 18, 2006.

As an accredited Travel Service Provider, FETA services the official travel needs of HR Mall and TUA. These include the regular travel of employees and travel of their large groups. “We are absolutely ecstatic about winning accreditation with HR Mall and Trinity University. More than the additional business these 2 accounts will bring into the company, passing the rigid accreditation process and requirements of both validates FETA’s professionalism and capability to service large and prestigious accounts such as HR Mall and Trinity University”, says head of the Corporate FIT & Groups business unit Rowie Amodia.

FETA Handles DLSU-CSB Architecture Immersion Trip

FETA handled the Immersion Trip of the De La Salle University-College of St Benilde’s School of Design and Arts Architecture Program to Iloilo City and Guimaras last Jul 24 to Jul 27. 102 students and accompanying faculty went on an architecture-focused tour of Iloilo City and Guimaras island, visiting several landmarks and historical buildings.
FETA’s Corporate FIT & Groups team took care of all the arranging and coordinating for all the components of the said trip including Air Passage, Accommodations, Travel Insurance, the Specially-Customized Tour and other related services.

FETA Handles DLSU-CSB Architecture Immersion Trip
FETA Handles DLSU-CSB Architecture Immersion Trip

FETA Participates in Travel Madness 2014

FETA participated for the first time in the Travel Madness Expo held last Jul 04-06 at the SMX Convention Center.

The Travel Madness Expo, or TME as it is more popularly known, is one of the so-called “Big 3” annual expo events of the Philippine Travel industry along with the PTAA Travel Tour Expo ( held every February ) and the PHILTOA Travel Mart ( held every October ). Only on its third year and staging, TME has quickly become the go-to event and marketplace of consumers who are seriously looking to purchase deeply-discounted air tickets and travel packages for trips they wish to make from July to February.

FETA’s maiden participation in TME 2014 was a joint effort of its GTU Networks & Retailers and Corporate FIT & Groups business units. FETA had its debut participation in the PTAA Travel Tour Expo last February. Booking for airline seats and travel packages were offered in the FETA booth. “Participating in TME, like our participation in the PTAA Travel & Tour Expo last February, was an exhilarating experience for FETA. Very few travel services providers are fortunate enough to join or are capable of participating so we really made the most of our participation; from the sales generated to the learning we gained and the huge boost in motivation for everyone who pitched in” says GTU Networks & Retailers head, Ms. Vanessa Gile.

FETA Participates in Travel Madness 2014
FETA Participates in Travel Madness 2014

TSM Shipping Phils Summer Company Outing Handled by FETA

FETA handled the annual summer outing of TSM Shipping Philippines last Jun 20-22 at the Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club in Nasugbu, Batangas.

TSM is one of the leading maritime services providers in the country. FETA was engaged by TSM to take care of arrangements for its annual company summer outing including coordination with Pico de Loro for accommodations, meals and venue for activities. Members of the FETA Corporate FIT & Groups team were also present on-site for the entire duration of TSM’s outing to assist the group.

TSM Shipping Phils Summer Company Outing Handled by FETA


FETA joined the Japan + ASEAN and India Travel Mart ( JAITM ) and Familiarization Trip 2014 held last May 28 to Jun 04.
FETA was one of 20 travel services providers from the Philippines selected by the Japan National Tourism Organization ( JNTO ) to participate as a Buyer in this year’s JAITM and Familiarization Trip.
JAITM is an annual event hosted by JNTO wherein selected Buyers from ASEAN countries and India are brought to Japan to see and pick Japan travel products which can be sold in their respective countries. Ms Nikki Clemente, Product Management & Marketing head, represented FETA.



FETA Fulfills Incentive Trip of Far Eastern University Women’s Football Team

Far Eastern Travel Agency ( FETA ) successfully fulfilled an incentive trip to Boracay given by Far Eastern University ( FEU ) to its Women’s Football Team for recently capturing the UAAP Women’s Football Season 76 championship. The said incentive trip was held last May 09-12. All travel arrangements including air transportation, accommodations at Boracay Ocean Club, transfers and other details of the trip were done by FETA’s Corporate FIT & Groups business unit. FETA has been servicing various FEU travel requirements since Y2012.

FETA Fulfills Incentive Trip of Far Eastern University Women’s Football Team

FETA Fulfills Incentive Trip of Far Eastern University Women’s Football Team

GTU and Resorts World Manila Stage Joint Event

Far Eastern Travel Agency ( FETA )’s Go Travel Unlimited ( GTU ) business unit and Resorts World Manila hosted an event last April 25for GTU subscribers to familiarize them with the facilities and accommodations of Resorts World Manila and with GTU-Resorts World Manila tie-up products. GTU and Resorts World Manila came up with 4 packages to be sold through GTU.

50 selected GTU subscribers and guests were treated to a sumptuous lunch at Resort’s World Manila’s Passion restaurant and were given a guided tour of the Resorts World Manila’s facilities and accommodations including Remington Hotel, Maxim’s Hotel, Genting Star Tourism Academy, Casino, and the Newport Performing Arts Theater. Ms Vanessa Gile, GTU Business Unit Head, says “It was a very good activity for some of our selected GTU subscribers. We have great tie-up packages with Resorts World Manila. It’s one thing to make those packages available in GTU but for our subscribers to really sell them they have to be familiar with what’s being offered.” Adds Resorts World Manila’s Director of Sales, Ms Kathy Mercado: “We are thrilled to be partnering with GTU to come out with those 4 great packages. Having this event for selected GTU subscribers was also great for us because we really want to show that world-class entertainment is just a stone’s throw away for everybody here at Resorts World Manila”.

FETA Travel Depot Congratulates Their Latest Batch of Affiliates
FETA Travel Depot Congratulates Their Latest Batch of Affiliates
FETA Travel Depot Congratulates Their Latest Batch of Affiliates

Find great travel deals for a family vacactions, outing with friends or a romantic sojourn. We sell travel products direct to consumers through over-the-web and off-line intiatives.

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We also do On-Site selling at Travel Fairs and at special events Catch us at these events and check out our great travel deals and offers

Feb. 14-16, 2014 PTAA Travel Tour Expo, SMX convention Center Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

July. 4-6, 2014 Travel Madness Expo, SMX convention Center Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

FETA is proud to have the accreditations that we have and the affiliations that we keep. These certifications and attachments stand as testimony to the prestige and credibility of our company.


IATA, the International Air Transportation Association, is a global coordinating and policing organization; promoting cooperation among the world’s airlines and the travel agents ticketing for these airlines to ensure safe, secure, reliable and economical delivery of services to passengers. Founded in 1919 and with executive offices in Geneva, Switzerland, IATA holds accredited agents to a rigid set of standards to ensure efficient booking of airlines’ passengers.Know more about IATA.

FETA is an accredited Tour Operator of the Philippine government’s Department of Tourism ( DOT ). This accreditation enables the company to be an official Tourism agent for In-bound tourists visiting the country. Know more about DOT.



The Philippine Travel Agencies Association, or PTAA, is the Philippines’ largest association of travel services providers which serves both as a venue for its members to discuss various matters concerning the industry we belong in while fostering unity among members and, at the same time, representing the industry in relevant forums. Know more about PTAA.


PIATA, the Philippine IATA Agents Travel Association, was formed in 1985 to promote cordial relations amongst IATA agents in the Philippines and participate in the formulation, interpretation and dissemination of IATA ideals and mechanisms. Know more about PIATA.


Founded in 1986, the Philippine Tour Operators Association or PHILTOA is a non-stock, non-profit organization for travel agencies, hotels, resorts, transportation companies, handicraft stores and other tourism-oriented establishments with the advocacy of promoting leisure travel or tourism within the country by Filipinos and into the country by other nationalities. Know more about PHILTOA.


The American Society of Travel Agents, or ASTA, is the world’s largest and most influential association of Travel trade professionals. The association’s mission is to facilitate and encourage the retail Travel trade through relevant representation, sharing of knowledge and enhancement of professionalism among its members. Know more about ASTA.

" We are also proud to be working and actively supporting the efforts of the following: "

stb Logo
tat Logo
tm Logo


"Best Travel Agency for Korea - Silver award for year 2013"
"Give by the Korea Travel Organization (KTO) Manila Office on Dec. 18, 2003.


Go Travel Unlimited, or GTU is our on-line travel portal for Travel Retailers
We conceived GTU with one goal in mind to give Travel Retailers a powerfull portal to access travel products and sell these to their respective customers. A real solution for real people who are at the trenches selling Travel A products and the bedrock of the Philippines Travel industry. GTU has the following features which give the user of this portal an edge in retailing Travel Products.

- An Air Module which streams seat inventory and prices for intra-Philippines and Outbound-Philippines flights real time. User have the option to make a quote, reserve the seat or book and pay for the seat outright with just a few simple point and click step.

- A Land Module with 2 ways for user to book Land Arrangement for their customer The First allows user to serve free-and-easy travellers by booking hotel rooms only real-time. The Second choice serves up bundled Land Arrangements or leisure packages and set tours only for a hassle-free trip.

- Multiple Forms of Payments faciltiy enables the user to pay for the Travel product either throught deductions for their account wallet, credit card, debit card, Paypal or G-Cash.

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