Far Eastern Travel Agnecy Inc. Since 1946

A Rich History

Ours is a Rich history which spans close to seven decades of giving travel service to all those customers who have worked through our doors it is a legacy that we cherish and draw strength from as we continue to be of service to our fellow travelers to this day.

Far Eastern Travel Agency, Inc., simply known as FETA in the Philippine Travel industry, is the country’s first and oldest travel services provider. The company has been operating, unbroken and uninterrupted since 1946. Founded by Juan and Leony Limjuco, FETA was originally established to service American military and civilian personnel and their families, who were in the Philippines at that time to help the country rebuild in the aftermath of World War II, with their travel needs within the archipelago and between the Philippines and the United States.

Into the Philippines’ economic boom years of the 1950s and 1960s, FETA slowly built its name as the go-to travel services provider for government officials for their official travel, businessmen for their business travel and affluent families who wanted to go on a holiday. In the early 1980s, the founders’ daughter, Ma. Luisa Limjuco-Verano, took over the reins of the company as its President. The company boasted of a client list which included many illustrious names and held on to a solid reputation of being the leading travel services provider for many years.

Today, FETA is led by its General Manager, Mr. Oliver L. Sison, who is committed to preserving and, simultaneously, enhancing the legacy passed on. In the spirit of its founders, the company is driven to become an important force in today’s Philippine travel industry and in the business spaces the company has a presence and competes in.

Our Core Beliefs

At the heart of FETA are our Core Beliefs. These are the bedrock of everything we do at the company and the guiding light of all our actions. From the assembling and selling of our products to the way we deal with our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. We accept it as truth that our Core Beliefs is what will make FETA thrive in the capricious and constantly-changing Philippine Travel industry.

A True Passion
Travel, although glamorous on the outside with its share of perks, is a tough and mean business on the inside that can eat you alive. As many who ventured into this business quickly discover, it is not an endeavor for the faint of heart nor the weak of will. To be able to rise above the fray and succeed, one has to have a TRUE PASSION for Travel as a business. Not lip service or because it looks nice in a company profile, but the passion we have for our business is in our hearts.

The numbers are important to us; just like any other business on the planet. But we take the numbers in equal measure to the fulfillment and pride we get when we are able to successfully conclude a large incentive trip for one of our client companies, when we are able to issue a last-minute air ticket and give relief to an ordinary salary worker who has to make an emergency trip home, when we learn that a new hotel has opened or a new route is launched by one of our partner airlines, when we see from the Facebook posts of families that happy moments were made during their vacation which we arranged.

Travel isn’t just our work. It is the blood in our veins and the air that we breathe with gusto.

Business With Honor
We run our business with efficiency and profitability in mind but we are also deeply conscious to run our business with honor.

Doing business with honor means putting out Travel products and services of quality. Products and services that we can stake our name on. Products and services that don’t have any strings attached, surprises or silent caveats that can make a customer’s experience turn sour in the blink of an eye. We may not have the cheapest product or service at the time of purchase but these will still be competitive in price and, most importantly, assured in value and quality.

Doing business with honor means making sure that our relationship with our partners and suppliers is one that is based on fairness . If we’re certain that what we’re getting is really worth the price agreed on, then we will pay that exact price at the exact time agreed upon. We won’t short-change or delay payment unnecessarily. When risks need to be taken together with a partner, then we will share in those risks if we need to. We don’t believe in reaping all the benefits and letting our partners carry all the burden. It is not in us to put one over people who help us with our business.

Doing business with honor means we give what is due to the country. We don’t cheat on taxes and collections. When we deal with partners and customers outside the country, we see generating sales equal in purpose to representing and promoting our country with pride. We believe sincerely, maybe even naively, that doing those is our small way of contributing to building our nation.

Pushing the Envelope
To thrive in this cut-throat and fast-paced business, we know we need to tread bravely and to run fast. We are keenly aware that todays’ hottest trend can turn into yesterday’s news quite fast. That’s why we don’t settle for the ordinary and the usual way of doing things when it comes to developing products and services and seizing opportunities that come our way.

We are always on the look-out for new technology and techniques that we can use to enhance our processes; to find better ways to deliver Travel products and services to our customers. It’s not beyond us to even look at how things are done in other industries to see what can work for us. Technology and techniques continuously change Travel as a business and we openly embrace this.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is a vibrant and dynamic Philippine Travel industry making a significant contribution to the country. We hope to see Travel to the Philippines by foreign nationals and Travel within and outside of the country by Filipinos becoming ever more heightened: for livelihood and business, for leisure and recreation and for learning.

Our Mission is to be an important force in realizing the vibrant and dynamic Travel industry that we envision. We will do this by being a significant, perhaps even the premiere, Travel company in the business spaces where we are present. In turn, we aim to be that significant player by offering compelling products and services to the various customers that we serve. In doing so, we know that we will thrive in this business that we are passionate about.

Accreditations, Associations, Affiliations & Awards

FETA is proud to have the accreditations that we have, the associations we are part of, the affiliations which we keep and the achievements that we celebrate. These stand as both a strength of the company and a humble testimony to our prestige and credibility.





IATA Accredited Agent

IATA, the International Air Transportation Association, is a global coordinating and policing organization; promoting cooperation among the world’s airlines and the travel agents ticketing for these airlines to ensure safe, secure, reliable and economical delivery of services to passengers. Founded in 1919 and with executive offices in Geneva, Switzerland, IATA holds accredited agents to a rigid set of standards to ensure efficient booking of airlines’ passengers. FETA's IATA Accreditation enables us to book and issue tickets for all carriers around the world which are also accredited with IATA.
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Cebu Pacific

FETA is an accredited Preferred Sales Agent (PSA) of Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific Air (PSE:CEB) entered the aviation industry on March 1996 and pioneered the "low fare, great value" strategy. The airline is the largest carrier in the Philippine air transportation industry, offering low-cost services to more destinations and routes with higher flight frequency within the Philippines than any other airline. Cebu Pacific also operates flights to 24 cities in 13 countries in North Asia, ASEAN and the Middle East. FETA has been a Cebu Pacific PSA since 2012.

Philippine Airlines

Aside from being able to book and issue tickets for Philippine Airlines' international flights, FETA is also a long-standing Domestic Ticketing Program (DTP) agent of the airlines since the program's inception in the 1980s. This allows FETA to book and ticket for all Philippine Airlines' Domestic or Intra-Philippines flights.

Air Asia Zest

The Philippine operating carrier of breakthrough low cost carrier Air Asia of Malaysia, Air Asia Zest, started operations in 2013 when then Zest Airways entered into partnership with Air Asia. As a Preferred Sales Agent since 2012 with then Zest Airways continuing into Air Asia Zest, FETA is able to book and ticket for the airline's Domestic and International flights.

Department of Tourism

FETA is an accredited Tour Operator of the Philippine government’s Department of Tourism ( DOT ). This accreditation enables the company to be an official Tourism agent for In-bound tourists visiting the country.
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Philippine Travel Agencies Association

The Philippine Travel Agencies Association, or PTAA, is the Philippines’ largest association of travel services providers which serves both as a venue for its members to discuss various matters concerning the industry we belong in while fostering unity among members and, at the same time, representing the industry in relevant forums.
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Philippine Tour Operators Association

Founded in 1986, the Philippine Tour Operators Association or PHILTOA is a non-stock, non-profit organization for travel agencies, hotels, resorts, transportation companies, handicraft stores and other tourism-oriented establishments with the advocacy of promoting leisure travel or tourism within the country by Filipinos and into the country by other nationalities.
Know more about PHILTOA

Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands

The Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands, or Camara de Comercio de las Islas Filipinas or CCPI, was formed in 1887 by royal decree of Queen Maria Cristina of Spain and is recognized by the National Historical Commission as the country’s oldest business institution. The Chamber’s mission is to advocate, support and run programs which aim to uplift Filipino businesses. Companies which are at least 25 years old are welcomed as members to the Chamber.
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Philippine IATA Agents Travel Association

PIATA, the Philippine IATA Agents Travel Association, was formed in 1985 to promote cordial relations amongst IATA agents in the Philippines and participate in the formulation, interpretation and dissemination of IATA ideals and mechanisms.
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American Society of Travel Agents

The American Society of Travel Agents, or ASTA, is the world’s largest and most influential association of Travel trade professionals. The association’s mission is to facilitate and encourage the retail Travel trade through relevant representation, sharing of knowledge and enhancement of professionalism among its members.
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Korean Tourism Organization

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is an organization of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is commissioned to promote the country's tourism industry. KTO was established in 1962 as a government-invested corporation responsible for the South Korean tourism industry according to the International Tourism Corporation Act. KTO's Manila office was opened in 2012 and FETA became partner agent in the same year.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was established on the 18th March 1960 and is the organization in Thailand to be specifically responsible for the promotion of tourism to Thailand. TAT encourages international tourists to travel in and around Thailand by working with agents in a country, conducting campaigns and being a source of information and advice about tourism in Thailand. FETA has been working with TAT and joining its initiatives since 2011.

Singapore Tourism Board

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore. It champions the development of Singapore's tourism sector, one of the country's key service sectors and economical pillars, and undertakes the marketing and promotion of Singapore as a tourism destination. FETA has been working with STB's Manila office since 2013.

Japan National Tourism Organization

The Japan National Tourism Organization or JNTO is an Independent Administrative Institution of the government of Japan tasked with promoting tourism to Japan. FETA has been actively participating in JNTO-initiated activities since 2014.

Hong Kong Tourism Board

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is a government-subvented body tasked to market and promote Hong Kong as a travel destination worldwide and to enhance visitor's experience once they arrive. FETA has been working with HKTB's Manila office since 2011.

Tourist Development Corporation of Malaysia

The Tourist Development Corporation of Malaysia (TDC) was established on 10 August 1972 as an agency under the former Ministry of Trade and Industry by an Act of Parliament. It became the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) through the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Act 1992. Popularly known as Tourism Malaysia, its full focus is on promoting Malaysia domestically and internationally. Feta has been working with Tourism Malaysia's Manila office since 2013.

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